The latest updates on the campaign to protect santee

San Diego Union Tribune - "Residents launch drive to bring half-cent sales tax for Santee Fire to November ballot"

San Diego Union Tribune

A group of residents is seeking support for a ballot initiative to raise about $5.6 million annually for the Santee Fire Department through a half-cent sales tax. Protect Santee organizers have started collecting signatures to get the measure on the November ballot, but will need at least 4,000 residents to sign on with their support to do so.

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BNN NEWS : Santee's Bold Move to Revolutionize Fire Safety

BNN Breaking

"The Protect Santee initiative has galvanized the community, underscoring a collective acknowledgment of the fire department's plight and the broader implications for public safety..."

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NBC San Diego : In fast-growing Santee, a plan to help fire department to keep pace

NBC San Diego

"The Santee Fire Department, which hasn't had an upgrade since the '70s, is fighting to keep up with one of San Diego's fastest-growing communities..."

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East County Magazine : Protect Santee Initiative Launched To Improve Fire Protection

East County Magazine

"Over the next 20 years, the Santee Fire Department will be tasked with responding to up to 30,000 additional incidents per year and to protect a population that could increase by as much as 50 percent. Yet, there are no additional resources allocated to the fire department, which is already severely under-funded..."

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Paid for by Protect Santee, Sponsored by Santee Firefighters Association. Committee’s Top Funder: Santee Firefighters Association



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